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Penny Katz of California is the originator of this doll.
The Queen of Animalia arrived shortly after my big apartment move, so I was overwhelmed with moving business but ready for the creative break. With her tiger face and headdress addition by Liz Lusk, I have to admit, the non-human face threw me for a loop; I had no idea what I should add to the doll.
I loved the little journal box that Penny created, and wondered why there was a second journal included. Liz had started a second journal and once again I was somewhat stymied as I thought it was unusual that such an important element was being added by another artist.

After much rumination, I decided that I would create a ritual mask for the doll, and a pouch to carry it in. I crazy quilted some suede pieces together and added a beaded strap. Beads were asking to be put onto the headdress as well. And finally, after reading a piece on the importance of the insect world's contribution, I thought that I could represent that species of fauna with a mask.
The journal work, as always was fun. I love layering the paint on the page, and adding other elements. I hope Penny will be pleased with my additions.

Fire_jrnl_cvr Fire_jrnl_Pg1