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I am the originator of the FIRE doll. This was my first art doll and my first collaborative effort in such a large group (although some would argue that seven participants isn't that numerous). After much indecision, I opted to buy a purchased soft-bodied doll with porcelain head/bust, arms and legs.
The doll came with a stand (I'm easily impressed) and I thought the muslin body was potentially a good canvas. Her high-heeled golden booties didn't fit the nature goddess theme, so they were replaced with a polymer clay pair. I also replaced her head. It was pretty funny — my husband and I in our tiny apartment's kitchen mutilating this poor doll's head with a hammer and a screwdriver — I wanted to knock off the head but preserve the neck and bust area as I figured it would provide a good support for the polymer clay and already had the "pilot holes", as the whole thing needed to be sewn back onto the cloth body.
The hair was another fiasco... pretty funny — I'd purchased wool and dyed the stuff with hair color. To dry faster I figured I'd set it outside on the porch of our third floor apartment. Well, it was an Africa hot day in Murrieta, California, but the wind was blowing, and so no sooner had I set my little paper plate down on the porch did a gust of wind take it careening against the rails, tresses flying everywhere. I managed to grab the remnants and salvage the ones that escaped to the patio below. I also discovered that I was in much need of some lessons on how to glue the stuff onto a doll. :-)

This was great fun, though, and I learnt a bunch. I will have to go to Big Lots! to pick up another $12 doll and try it all again.

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