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Darlene Samuel of Florida is the originator of this doll.
This lovely doll, Wispunta, arrived shortly before I heard news of my mom's passing, on September 16th, 2003. When I opened up the box, I heard myself say "Ohhhh... she's beautiful!" She was truly soothing to my soul for the next little while, and I enjoyed working on her and in her journal.

Penny Katz had done such an awesome job with the coat–such beautiful gradation of color for the dying of the coat, and then those pretty silk flowers attached! My contribution to this doll were the green leaves that I attached to her coat. I beaded the larger ones prior to attaching them onto the coat, and then sewed on some more smaller leaves for a smattering of green amongst the pretty pink hydrangeas on her collar.
When it was time, I wistfully sent her on her way to the next person... I'm looking forward to seeing what she will be like once she is completed.

flora_accoutrements flora_jrnl_cover