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I received my second doll with much excitement. Liz Lusk of Texas was the originator of this doll.
Illwinda arrived with a face, a stand and a journal — I was nervous to get started. I had no idea what to do next; the body was cool — a piece of twine incredibly reminescent to a human form, but I'm not much of a seamstress, so sewing clothes for her wasn't a direction I wanted to go in, and the face had already been taken care of... so what to do?
Hands! I figured I'd try my hand at her hands (pun intended). I shaped armatures out of covered floral wire and proceeded to flesh them out. I love feathers, and because feathers symbolize the wind element, I added the feather cuffs to her arms.

The mobile was sort of an after-thought. My husband had mentioned it earlier on, when I was brainstorming on what to work on. I had some sterling silver wire that I'd purchased to bead a bracelet with and decided to use some of that to fashion a mobile.
The journal work was fun. There wasn't much in the journal in the way of "art" — it was mostly narrative, so I took off on my own tangent — for better or worst. I hope Liz likes what I've done.

Wind_doll_back_topdown Wind_doll_face_closeup Wind_doll_hands_topdown Wind_doll_mobile Wind_jrnl_spread1 Wind_jrnl_spread2 Wind_jrnl_spread2_2